Galaxy S is unable to connect with Kies

Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S has recently became a popular selection for many people. I chose it, because of Samsung’s display and Google’s Android OS, which using many free applications, greatly extends phone’s functionality. To find out more about this phone, official Samsung Galaxy S specification can be a good start. Common user, which has this phone, is usually used to connect it to PC, either to check for update of firmware or actually update the phone or just to copy some music and photos. The most of time I use it as USB mass storage device, but because of official firmware update and Android OS release, I needed to connect it with Kies.

Problems with Kies

When you attempt to connect it with Samsung Kies, which is Samsung’s official software for Galaxy S, it may work in the beginning, but after some period of phone usage, it “mysteriously” cease to detect phone.

First problems started when I could not even start Kies mode on Galaxy S. After connecting device to USB and selecting Samsung Kies, phone did not start Kies mode, instead just jumped to Home screen. I was able to solve this by preselecting Kies mode for USB connection in phone’s menu: Settings -> Wireless & Network -> USB settings -> Samsing Kies, instead of Ask on connection.

The main issue raised, when phone was able to start in Kies mode, but Kies software could not detect the phone. It recognized connected device, but never did successfully finish scanning the device and progress icon never disappeared. At first I tried update Kies software, so I downloaded latest release from Samsung Apps on PC download page. After uninstallation of old one and installation of downloaded package, I tried to connect the phone again, but problem was the same. Then I also tried to reinstall drivers using Kies built in menu option, but it also didn’t helped to connect the phone with Kies.


After some search on Internet I found out, that reason for problems with MTP software and Galaxy S is often caused by file name of files located in phone’s internal memory card. Specifically by files, which have an extension 16 characters or longer. Some forum pages also provided tool for cleaning up all those files, but because I don’t trust such tools and my USB mass storage connection with phone was working, I attempted to find such files using my favorite file manager: Ghisler’s Total Commander. Since some version, Total Commander supports regular expressions for searching, so I decided to take this approach. Using regular expressions you can easily search for files also in other free file managers or in Linux.

After successfully connecting Galaxy S as USB mass storage device I stared Total Commander and in main top menu selected Commands -> Search ( or simply you can just use short cut Alt+F7 ). In following search window:

  • Search for: this is actual regular expression that I used
  • Search in: drive of Galaxy S internal memory card
  • RegEx: checked the box to enable regular expressions
  • Start search

This search returned for me only few files, which all of them were thumbnails, so I deleted them, but generally it is always better to move them to some other drive, just in case it would cause problem with some application.

To be honest, I was really surprised, that this actually helped to solve the issue and I was able to connect my Galaxy S to Kies and perform firmware update. It is quite disappointing that such great device as Galaxy S is hindered by problem like this. Even few forums mentioned that Samsung’s support does not know how to solve this problem in some simple way and recommend to format internal memory card, which in the helps to connect Galaxy S to Kies, but also will cause loss of data. I hope Samsung will release fix for this issue soon.


3 thoughts on “Galaxy S is unable to connect with Kies”

    1. I would try common procedure: uninstall Kies, install latest Kies, reinstall USB driver via Kies, restart, connect phone in pre-selected mass storage mode, clear both, internal and external memory cards for long extensions and then connect phone in pre-selected Kies mode.

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